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Our History

Lavash is a unique independent café/restaurant family business, which first started creating its Middle Eastern street wraps and platters in North Lane, Brighton, in 2018. Its rapid success has led to the opening of its second branch in North Street, Brighton, in 2022. 


The main factor that has played a role in ensuring Lavash’s popularity is to provide you with unique and truly Middle Eastern street food, comprising our fluffy and bubbly flatbread (Lavash), baked on-site in our clay tandoori with purely natural ingredients. 


At Lavash® we do things differently

We start with sourcing our fresh ingredients locally and all our food is daily prepared by hand in our kitchen to offer you our unique signature wraps and platters.


To bring you the most authentic Middle-Eastern experience, for our wraps and platters, we bake our Lavash bread (flatbread, in a clay tandoori) on-site to offer you our unique signature wraps and platters that showcase tastes from authentic Middle-Eastern street food offering vegan, vegetarian and a variety çöp shish kebabs).

Lavash specializes in freshly baked Middle Eastern wraps, which offer you authentic Middle Eastern Street food such as Vegan platters (falafel with hummus, baba ganoush and more), vegetarian (falafel tzatziki & grilled halloumi); including combined contemporary and traditional çöp (skewer) kebabs, followed by a fine selection of high-quality beers & wines along with Middle Eastern drinks such as freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

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